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“Maybe this is a natural side effect of celebrity. The fever around them makes people silly and intrusive.” Benjamin Markovits

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“On ‘Your Love is Killing Me’, Sharon Von Etten’s singing is so tremendously powerful it trembles at the edge of intelligibility. Listen to the way she sings ‘Your love is killing me’—almost all of the hard consonants disappear from the words, and they become a howl. It is, frankly, knee-buckling. The ability of a human voice to induce this weakness is one of the most profound and mysterious things music can do. When it happens, you go quiet, just for a moment. After it’s over, the machines start whirring again as you attempt to explain to yourself where your faculties just went.” Jayson Greene

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“Mad Men believes that people can change and progress if they want to, while still proposing that certain unsolvable emotional dilemmas are endemic to the human condition.” Molly Lambert

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“Whether or not you’re close with the people you’re related to, you don’t have to be doomed by genetics. Recognizing inherited bad patterns is the first step to escaping them.” Molly Lambert

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“It’s the major paradox of parenthood. Why is the desire to aid someone’s growth linked so closely to a need to control them?” Molly Lambert

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“You know how movie studios will take a bestselling book and split it into two movies to make more money and piss everyone off? That’s what the NFL is doing with football right now.” Drew

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“Comcast is so big and powerful that its lawyers have had to conjure up the ghosts and goblins of meaningful competition out the shadows of other companies in order to make it seem like the merger isn’t flatly anticompetitive. Apple and Google and Netflix all stream video, so they’re cast as competitors to Comcast’s TV business… even though you need Comcast’s broadband service to get them. Verizon Wireless and AT&T sell mobile broadband, so they’re being cast as competitors to Comcast’s internet business… even though no sane human would pay Verizon’s prices for the same amount of data in the average Comcast plan.” Nijay Patel

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“There is absolutely no need—before, during, or after a workout—for a robotic health-monitor bracelet that records the number of steps you’re taking and what your heart rate is. Do you want to know what your heart rate should be when you’re exercising? It should be high. There, I’ve saved you a great deal of money.” Hamilton Nolan

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“What’s with the persistence of self-destructive traits through millennia of human evolution?” Molly Lambert

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